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Handel's Messiah MIDI Files

The Messiah was written by G.F. Handel in just 24 days. Bot Productions has sequenced the entire work and made it available here. Select a file from below or download a zip file: messiah.zip (198 KB)

Part I

1Overture3:2014.3 KB
2Comfort ye my peopleRecitative for Tenor2:178.56 KB
3Every valley shall be exaltedAir for Tenor3:2517.9 KB
4And the glory of the LordChorus2:4920.6 KB
5Thus saith the LordRecitative for Bass1:257.82 KB
6But who may abide the day of His coming?Air for Bass4:3828.6 KB
7And He shall purifyChorus2:1621.9 KB
8Behold! a virgin shall conceiveRecitative for Alto0:211.23 KB
9O thou that tellest good tidings to ZionAir for Alto, and Chorus5:0327.1 KB
10For behold, darkness shall cover the earthRecitative for Bass2:028.59 KB
11The people that walked in darknessAir for Bass3:3112.9 KB
12For unto us a Child is bornChorus3:5933.8 KB
13Pastoral Symphony2:495.27 KB
14There were shepherds abiding in the field; And lo! the angel of the Lord came upon themRecitative for Soprano0:362.90 KB
15And the angel said unto themRecitative for Soprano0:311.67 KB
16And suddenly there was with the angelRecitative for Soprano0:203.28 KB
17Glory to GodChorus1:5711.5 KB
18Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion!Air for Soprano4:4818.4 KB
19Then shall the eyes of the blind be openedRecitative for Alto0:251.41 KB
20He shall feed his flock like a shepherdAir for Alto, and Soprano5:1813.2 KB
21His yoke is easy, and His burthen is lightChorus2:2019.7 KB

Part II

22Behold the lamb of GodChorus2:4110.2 KB
23He was despisedAir for Alto9:1727.1 KB
24Surely He hath borne our griefsChorus2:1511.7 KB
25And with His stripes we are healedChorus2:0311.0 KB
26All we like sheep have gone astrayChorus3:4128.5 KB
27All they that see Him, laugh Him to scornRecitative for Tenor0:524.01 KB
28He trusted in God that He would deliver HimChorus2:4019.4 KB
29Thy rebuke hath broken His heartRecitative for Tenor0:572.36 KB
30Behold, and see if there be any sorrowAir for Tenor1:203.56 KB
31He was cut off out of the land of the livingRecitative for Tenor0:161.25 KB
32But Thou didst not leave His soul in hellAir for Tenor3:008.72 KB
33Lift up your heads, O ye gatesChorus3:4426.7 KB
34Unto which of the angels said HeRecitative for Tenor0:161.10 KB
35Let all the angels of God worship HimChorus1:3611.0 KB
36Thou art gone up on highAir for Bass4:1013.3 KB
37The Lord gave the wordChorus1:1014.1 KB
38How beautiful are the feet of themAir for Soprano2:356.21 KB
39Their sound is gone out into all landsChorus1:3911.4 KB
40Why do the nations so furiously rage together?Air for Bass3:1330.1 KB
41Let us break their bonds asunderChorus2:2617.5 KB
42He that dwelleth in heavenRecitative for Tenor0:141.12 KB
43Thou shalt break themAir for Tenor2:2910.3 KB
44Hallelujah!Chorus3:3131.4 KB

Part III

45I know that my Redeemer livethAir for Soprano5:5413.3 KB
46Since man came by deathChorus1:5310.1 KB
47Behold, I tell you a mysteryRecitative for Bass0:241.85 KB
48The trumpet shall soundAir for Bass11:4640.0 KB
49Then shall be brought to passRecitative for Alto0:161.15 KB
50O death, where is thy sting?Duet for Alto and Tenor1:135.61 KB
51But thanks be to GodChorus2:3315.9 KB
52If God be for us, who can be against us?Air for Soprano5:4414.9 KB
53Worthy is the Lamb that was slainChorus7:2844.0 KB

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