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Quick Facts

Visible in Latitudes:90° thru -15°
Viewing Season:All year (circumpolar)
Best Seen In:July, 9:00 pm
Transit Date:April 23
Right Ascension:17.75 hours
Declination:62.5 degrees
Area:1082.952 sq. degrees

Star Diagram

Star Diagram: Draco

About Draco

Draco, the Dragon, used to hold special significance as the location of the pole star, but due to the earth's precession, the pole has shifted to Polaris in Ursa Minor. The Dragon is usually associated with guardian's of the temples and treasures. Draco was important as it was the guardian of the star that never moves, the celestial pole. The celestial pole in ancient times was the doorway between the mortal world and the eternity.

In Greek mythology the dragon is Ladon, the guardian of the 'golden apples' of immortality which grew in the garden of Hesperides, beyond the River of Time, in the land of death. It is Ladon which Hercules kills in his 11th labor to get the golden apples.

Named Stars

ThubanAlpha Dra
RastabanBeta Dra
EtaminGamma Dra
Nodus SecundusDelta Dra
TylEpsilon Dra
AldhibahZeta Dra
Ed AsichIota Dra
GianfirLambda Dra
ArrakisMu Dra
KumaNu 2 Dra
GrumiumXi Dra
AlsafiSigma Dra
DsibanPsi 1 Dra

Messier Objects


Neighboring Constellations

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