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You And Me

You And Me: Single Cover

Release Date: 1996

Single Contents

1.You and Me (Radio Edit)3:29
2.You and Me (Extended Version)5:36
3.You and Me (In The House Mix)4:49
4.You and Me (Album Version)5:09


Say, you and me
Say, me and you
Deep in space we rendezvous
We are floating in this love
That's so shine and so new

Say, me and you
Say, you and me
Our love has no gravity
Just as long as we're together
We are free

Say, you and me
Say, me and you...


Music:Paralyzer / Djukanovic/ Krüger
Words:Paralyzer / Djukanovic / Krüger
English Words:Paralyzer / Djukanovic
Publisher:Peer Musikverlag GmbH / Polygram Songs

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