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Key To Paradise

Key To Paradise: Single Cover

Release Date: 1998

Single Contents

1.Key To Paradise (Album Mix)4:52
2.Key To Paradise
3.Key To Paradise


You are the island
In a sea of teardrops
You are the sunshine
In the night
And when it's raining
You are the rainbow
You are the key
To paradise

I'm yearning
For you
I'm homesick
For you
I'm yearning
For you
For you
For you, for you, for you


Music:Frank Oberpichler / Ulf Krüger / Paralyzer
Words:Frank Oberpichler / Ulf Krüger / Paralyzer
English Words:John DeLaVerre
Publisher:Peer Musikverlag GmbH / Edition Antenna Musik (Polygram Songs)

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