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Just a Dream

Just a Dream: Single Cover

Release Date: January 21, 1998

Single Contents

1.Just a Dream (Radio Mix)3:42
2.Just a Dream (Extended Mix)6:12
3.Just a Dream (John Robinson Remix)4:36
4.Just a Dream (Holger Hiller Drum 'n' Bass Mix)4:47


There's nothing else I wanna do
I spend all day dreamin' of you
I haven't seen you for a while
I need you kiss, I miss your smile
All the things I like you for
Make me want you more and more
I don't know what to say
I've got to get to you today

I am so alone
Waiting by the phone

I am so alone
I've got to get


Music:Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Peterson
Words:N. Kerner / R. Brendel
English Words:Julian Dawson
Publisher:EMI Songs Musikverlag GmbH

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